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Teen Membership

Those of you who are still having problems when you reach young adolescence or adulthood need a place to chat. It is good to talk to those whose problems maybe similar, to find that others have the same problems as you do. Just as your parents support each other then you can also support each other.

There maybe topics that you feel too embrassed about to talk to your family. Here is a safe environment where nothing will be reveled to your family. There are two adults monitoring the group to make it safe for you but they will not chat unless asked a direct question. They will not reveal anything said to a third party unless they are concerned that the topic may not be appropriate.

To join you must be within the age range of 12 - 21. Those under 18 must have one parent or garudian who is a member of the main email support group. Those over 18, you must fill in the membership form stating it is the Teen Group that you wish to join. This can be found here at membership