This morning I awoke to something I have no done in a while, soiled sheets. How this happened I just don't know. I awoke when my wife went to the loo in the early hours and I know I was 'keen' to go as well. It was a little dash to the loo when it was free, a problem of a 1 toilet house. After that i thought no more of it and went back to sleep. When I went to the loo again at 7.30 I pulled the sheets back and there was soiling on both sheets.

For a 59 year old man, not a good feeling. I did have a problem for a few years of staining and so I started to wear shorts in bed, not something I enjoyed. That was corrected when they found that because of my shortened bowel my liver bile was not being properly absorbed and I was passing it. This caused diarrhoea and a burning around my bum. I was given Questran and that worked wonders. I could go back to my old sleeping habits, no more rushing to the loo minutes after eating, no more burning each time I went to he loo. joy of joys.

Why am i telling you this? Well I hope this is a one off, it does feel bad enough after this one episode. A adult man having to tell his wife he has 'shit the bed'. I am now washing the sheets. As I said I am a adult and so I can rationalise things but what if I was a teenager or younger? How must they feel? Did they do it on purpose? Was it because they were idle? No, it was none of these things. Some of these kids cannot feel that they want to go. Some have no control at night. For these kids there is nothing they could of done to stop it happening.

Where they so embarrassed by it that they tried to hide it and wash the sheets without anyone knowing it or even throwing them out and putting clean ones on? What is this was not a one off for them? How must these kids, teenagers feel? Imagine your in their shoes? Imagine how it must affect their self-esteem?

Now imagine this happens during the day, at school. Now you know how some kids with Hirschsprung's have to live. They may only be a small percentage of Hirschsprung's kids but if your one of this percentage, what would your feelings be. Imagine the bullying so kids get because of the colour of their hair, they wear glasses, not the right clothes, or they shit themselves.

To find out more, look at and read some of the stories on there and learn what hirschsprung's is.

Thanks for reading this

Gerry 59 year old Adult with Hirschsprung's