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View Article  Glasgow Meeting 2012
We have all returned from Glasgow back to our various home. Parents and kids came from all over the UK ...   more »
View Article  A Nice Awakening
This morning I awoke to something I have no done in a while, soiled sheets. How this happened I just ...   more »
View Article  Stella's Update on Matthew
Hi All

As many of you know, Matthew has had a hard time, with at least 20 operations and he is only 4. He was bron with TCHD, and a short gut. He had an illeostomy from birth until he was three and a half. Many of the operations were due to his stoma prolapsing. He was fed via TPN for the first year, and spent his first 5 months in hospital. We trained for TPN and did that at home until he was 1 year old.

He had his pullthrough operation about 12 months ago, and it was a bad time, and we spent most of 6 months in hospital. We were unlucky as his gut stopped working, and he was on TPN for another 6 months. Frightening is not the word. BUT do read on...

He started school this week age 4, and he is in pants!! He is totally toilet trained in the day, and is in every way "normal" to all his friends. I would never have believed that when I was so worried about his life ahead when he was born.

This is just to give hope to all the other parents who are starting on this path. There is hope, a lot of worry too, but worth it all. We have a happy boy who is singing for joy all day just now.

Keep strong x
View Article  Hirschsprung's, getting to the bottom of the problem

For those who do not know me, I run a support group for parents whose kids have Hirschsprung's. For those ...   more »

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