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Kurt's Story .....Condt

On the 24th of July 2002, Kurt now 1 year 4 months, was admitted for removal of stoma. This was performed the next day. We were so happy to see him without the "bag "----little did we know that we hadn't seen the last of it yet !!
Kurt looked fine after the op and seemed well, but the next day he woke up febrile, and that's when all hell broke loose!!

He was found to have a massive infection and was quickly transferred to SCBU-the special baby care unit. From 2 operations, Kurt ended up having 9 major operations, and for a while we thought we were going to loose him. He was so poorly. A dietician was called by the consultant to give him a special diet through TPN.

After 6 weeks in intensive care, Kurt got well enough for us to take him home. Still with the colostomy bag, and although quite weak, by the grace of God, alive.

Another 8 month wait --  to give Kurt time to recover and build his strength up and in February 2003, we went back in to finish what was started the previous year.

I can't say that going back was going to be easy as we were terrified that the same thing would happen again.
But we were lucky this time. After successfully having the stoma closed, Kurt was sent home without the "bag" finally !! 

Eight years have passed since that time. We still get the occasional soiling and we have to be careful that Kurt doesn't get dehydrated especially when he catches a cold. Anyone with shortened intestines knows that they have to drink constantly to keep hydrated, but try explaining that to a 10 year old! So every now and then Kurt goes back in hospital and put on an intravenous drip.

On the whole, I think we've passed the worst of the nightmare ( I hope!).He is an active, healthy boy. He dances jazz and Hip Hop. He's got many friends and has a happy go lucky sort of attitude. I believe this attitude stems up from his will to live. A will that served him well when he was at death's door all those years ago.

What I would like to say to all those who read this story and are maybe going through what we went through right now, is to never give up hope. There IS hope in the future. You just have to believe in it !!

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