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London Papers

In 2007 we hosted a meeting at The Royal London Hospital. Those giving presentations were Elani Athanasakos of the Royal London Hospital, Nicholas Alexander of Gt Ormand Street Hospital, Tracy Ashworth, R.N & Dr Marc Levitt of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

These are a copy of their presentations

•  An example of Psychological Adjustment in Chronic Illness: Hirschsprung's
E. Athanasakos, J Starling, F Ross, K, Nunn, D Cass

•  Hirschsprung's Diet
•  Rectal Irrigation
•  Pediatric Fecal Incontience
Cincinnati Colorectal Children's Hospital


•  Hirschsprungs Associated Entrocolitis
Nicholas Alexander

•  Life After Treatment for HD
Elani Athanasakos

Warning: The next presentation does have graphic pictures of one of the types of pullthrough operations. Some parents may not want to see exactly how a trans-anual pullthrough is performed.

•  The Challengers
Cincinnati Colorectal Children's Hospital