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How can you Help Us?

Our aim is to try to reach as many parents as we can, who are needing our help. We have been doing this very successfully since the mid 1990's. We do this by various means but mainly through our email Yahoo support group and by providing information on our website here. We also have a presence on Facebook & Twitter. As well as producing our leaflets (we would like to produce more) we helping to arrange small local get togethers.

To continue this work I am afraid we need money. One of the founding principles of the group, from The Guardian days through to HMDSN, is that membership is free. This will always remain so. No one will be asked or feel obliged to pay to join or to receive help from us. So far the group has been funded by one or two people but now the time has come for money to be raise by other means.

If you have a fund raising even or want to make a donation we have set up a means for you doing this.

Donate Online Now

We thank you if you do donate and thank you for just looking at this page

We have no paid officals and therefore we do keep our overheads to a bare minium. You can therefore be assued that any donation will be used for the purpose intended. Also if you are a UK tax payer your donation can be worth much more than you think. We can claim your tax back from the Inland Revenue. If you donate £10 then we get £12.42 with Gift Aid.

After the first year of donations and every year there after we publish our accounts for all to see.