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What are our Aims

Our aim is to contact parents of children who have bowel motility problems and offer them support. We offer this support by providing information via this site. Parents can talk to each other via our Yahoo Groups group offering email support. You can chat on our Facebook page, as well as following us on Facebook and Tweeter.

Our other aim is to work closely with the medical profession. We offer them help when they want it and also through them we can contact parents.

Who Are we

The group was formed in the early 1990's by a group of mothers who met on the internet. They felt a need for a group specifically for parents whose children had Hirschsprung's, IND or Pseudo Obstruction. The groups was originally called The Guardian Society and run by Kim Robinstein.

Kim was later joined by Gerry McGregor and then by another mum, Lisa Busha. When Kim left, Gerry and Lisa continued running the group. Now they have been joined by two more mum's Brenda Coulter & Sara Jones.

We all run this group in our 'spare time' and receive no remuneration. Quite the opposite, it costs us money to run the group.

The group is not attached to any one particular country and have members in every continent.

Our Members

The members you will find will change during your time with us but we hope the friendships abd support never changes.

Members come to us for a number of different reasons, fear, in search of knowledge of their child's illness but mostly for support, to find others like themselves. To find people who understand what they mean when they talk about the problems their child is having, the family are having and the fears and doubts they themselves are having. So stop feeling alone as they are many others felling just as you are.

People then stay for a short time or for every. You will find the membership conprises of